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Welcome at the inquiry portal for professional renting.

Please read the terms and conditions below. These are part of our rental services.


Rental Terms & Conditions

At Tableware, all goods are vintage and antique. We want to make sure you take good care of our fragile and sometimes very unique Tableware.


All items are securely packed and delivered and should be returned the same as it’s been received.


Tableware rental requests can be denied. Reasons may be seasonal or due to the type of project.



Price is based on a percentage of the retail value per item per week (7 days). Costs are paid at the start of the rental period in our boutique. The percentage is based on the project, rental period and on a long-term relationship. 


An additional deposit for rent is calculated and starts with a minimum of 50% of the sales value. The deposit is paid at the start of the rental period with a bank withdrawal or cash in our boutique. The deposit will be refunded if the goods are returned in original condition.



All goods must be returned at the Tableware boutique at agreed return date. In case of a late return, i.e. later than return date, an extra percentage fee will be charged per 7 days.


All items should be returned clean. At Tableware all goods are vintage, meaning they can only be washed by hand. Please visit our Care page on how to take care of our Tableware. If goods are not returned clean or dry we will charge an additional cleaning fee of €75.


Deteriorate condition

All goods are checked and photographed in our boutique before the start of the rental period. Damages, wears and other information are noted. If goods are returned with damages or if goods are missing, an additional 100% of the retail value needs to be compensated. If an item of a set is damaged we charge the value of the complete set for the damage. The retail price is based on the complete set.

eg. a set of 4 plates costs 100 euro, 1 plate is damaged (chips/cracked/broken). there are 3 good plates left, this makes the set incomplete. We charge 100 euro for the damage.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

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